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Boots, boots and more boots

We have had boots coming in like crazy. The fall is definitely the season for them. Western is still popular this year, however we have recieved no metallic boots this year, so I don’t know if that is on the way out or not. There is always the classic pointed toe, high heel, high shaft leather boot (a favorite of mine). Suede is makes for a popular boot, but there is more uptake for maintanence on it. UGG boots are back again as well, no matter what you think of the look they’ll keep those piggies warm. Good luck with any boot decisions!


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possible change?

To all of my readers:

I am debating on altering the ‘attitude’ of this blog, as I feel that my attempt at comedy, may just be coming across as complaining. I don’t hate my job, like I sure it seems. It was suggested to me, to maybe also include fashion trends, brands, etc.. information, as well as an occasional story. Any suggestions or comments?

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Can they not dress themselves?

One thing that really drives me crazy is when the mother gets to the department before the daughter and has you go get shoes for the daughter. You got retrieve the 6 pairs she think the daughter will like, and inevitably about that time the daughter shows up, hating all of them. Then, the daughter has you go pull another 5 pair. Once you bring those out, the mother, having not seen them, says “No, no, those won’t do at all.” Now you have pulled out 11 pairs, for no reason, and you get to hear a spoiled teeny booper argue with her crazy mother. Wasn’t that fun?

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man…what a day

I am going to share a story with you, this is 100% true, believe it or not. This event took place about a month ago and is probably the craziest shoe story that has happened to me personally:

I am working in the back and a co-worker says I have a phone call, or at least they think it is for me. The person on the other end of the line gave a description, and I was the closest match, being of the same height, size, ethnicity etc… It was a man on the other end and he asked me first off if I had ever told a woman she had nice legs. I said no, I wouldn’t say that to a customer, then he went on to say that someone had told his wife that she had nice legs. For a minute, I was afraid someone was going to come beat the crap out of me, but then he said she had liked the comment and wondered if I would be willing to say it to her if she came in again. He said it was her birthday and he wanted her to be in a good mood. ..Now if it stopped here, that would be fine.  He went on to also ask, and I will try and be discreet to make comments on her undergarments, lack there of, and things I would like to try with her (yes, in that way, and he was very descriptive). By now my jaw is on the ground and I am appauled. I managed to say that I couldn’t do that and quickly wrapped up the call, but I was so amazed someone would ask that and I couldn’t even think of a response like “Are you nuts?”

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Why are you wasting my time?

Men’s shoes: A man ask you for a shoe, you go and get it, and if you have his size he will buy it at least 75% of the time

Women’s shoes: If you have her size, she buys it 27.3% of the time. Usually she no longer likes the pointed toe, the color, the heel height etc… My question to you is, why did she ask to try it on in the first place? None of the above excuses changed while I was getting the shoe. It was the same color before you asked me to get it. The heel is the exact same. Why didn’t you look at the shoe before you sent me on a wild goose chase???

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I don’t care how cheap it is

Whenever there is clearance and the shoes are like 10$, some customers feel the need to buy every shoe in their size, doesn’t matter if it is 20 pair and the shoes are ugly as sin. Only to come back, many times the very next day, hauling all 20 pairs in a bag to return them and buy another 20 pair. This ritual will continuously be repeated until the customer has owned, at least once, every pair of shoes in there. I ask, Why? Why would one do that. To go through that trouble, is it a hobby? I just don’t understand.

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Things a shoe salesman dreams of…

its bad…very bad…

and for the Simpson’s fans out there …

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Just because I’m in retail, doesn’t make me stupid

Do you hate it when you are trying to explain something to a person and they treat you like you are a complete idiot or that you are lying to them. I have customers daily, especially during clearance season (which is spawn of satan), talk to me like I am trying to lie to them or am stupid. “Do you have any more in the back?” I answer, “No.” One would think that would be enough, but what happens next, “Are you sure you don’t want to go double check?”….WTCrap. Why would I want to go double check. I put them all out myself, and we haven’t had any back there for weeks, if I had it, I would sell it to you. I want you to buy it. And it’s not just once, they will ask you 10 more times before they leave, “Are you sure they’re all out, you don’t have any put aside?” This is not just with sizes, it also goes to color and if the shoe is on sale. I am competent (is that how you spell that? otherwise I’m proving incompetency), trust me. You are the whose elevator does not go all the way to the top, leave me alone.

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75% off clearance = Full moon?

75% off clearance in a women’s shoe department, is much like a full moon. When the full moon is out, animals and vicious beasts (like werewolves) come out. They feed on the innocent bystanders, unfortunately standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like an owl, attacking a squirrel (does that happen???) under a full moon is much like ladies’ at a shoe clearance, only the strong survive. When the big red 75% signs go up, I have seen grown women fight over pairs of shoes and fatally wound my co-workers, rest their souls. I am veteran of clearance racks, although I do have my battle wounds, I have learned survival. Everyday I just continually remind myself, “Do Not Be The Squirrel”. Remember, if you and your friends are being chased by a bear, you don’t have to outrun the bear, just your friends.

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To begin with…

I am a nice person, but for post effectiveness I think sarcasm and impoliteness will definitely be needed…and therefore used from here on out, but please don’t be afraid to talk to me. Thank you and good day.

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